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Not all offers and availability are displayed on our page and if we cannot accommodate your request, please discuss this further with our Travel Desk consultant.

Available Itinerary Options:

  • You have the option of choosing:
  • Self-catering options in South Africa.
  • Some school holiday weeks are available from time to time.
  • Some international options are also available therefore discuss your flight and travel details with your
  • Travel Desk consultant.
  •  We suggest where possible to use the international options in conjunction with an international travel
  • package to maximise your savings and to extend your holiday which can be discussed further with
  • your Travel Desk consultant.
  • Some discount island holidays are also included on this page for more variety.

Why not be a tourist in your own country? Tourist activities are also available at discounted rates. Please bear with us as this is a new venture and our aim is to truly deliver on our promise. Any feedback

negative or positive is appreciated via the following email address: