1) Affiliate: means Zoop Travel (Pty) Ltd
2) Preferred Supplier: means hotels, resorts and other accommodation-related inventory suppliers that are affiliated to the Service Provider.
3) Service Provider: means the companies and affiliates which the affiliate has service level agreements with.
4) Twilight: means Twilight Sales and Marketing (Pty) Ltd
5) Registered holder: the person whose details was provided on the registration page for the promotional offer at www.twilightsolutions.co.za.


1) This promotional offer entitles you to discounted accommodation of up to 40% for 4 people at various preferred suppliers. Please indicate on
the registration form should you wish to take more than 4 people.
2) Booking:
a) A once-off registration and booking fee must be paid within 30 days from the date of issue.
b) You may select one of two booking fee options: (1) R179 to make use of one local option (2) R299 to make use of one local option and
one international option.
c) Register your promotional offer by scanning the QR code and complete the fields on the form.
d) You may settle the booking fee via debit or credit card via the online payment gate.
3) By paying the registration and booking fee, you agree to the full terms and conditions.
4) Booking procedure:
a) Call our affiliate on 087 821 9667 or email consultant@zooptravel.co.za and quote your reference number in the subject line.
b) If any of our online options do not meet your needs, please discuss your desired area and dates, and a Personal Travel Assistant will
guide you further. You will be invoiced a final booking fee rack rate less the discount. Once paid, your booking will be confirmed via
5) This promotional offer is not transferable, is valid for 12months from the date of issue, is not redeemable for cash, can only be redeemed once
and no refunds are permitted.
6) This promotional offer applies to out-of-season standard rack rates available to the general public although our affiliate can advise on
availability in peak season.
7) Whilst the affiliate will use its best efforts to place the booking that matches your request, this offer is subject to availability. The affiliate will
offer alternative discounted options should it be unable to accommodate your request.
8) It is agreed that no refunds will be provided for the booking fee should the member reject the alternative discounted options provided by the
9) Please note that the affiliate is not a timeshare, points, holiday ownership or reseller company.
10) It is recommended that bookings be made 60 days in advance.
11) All bookings must be made by contacting the affiliate: Zoop Travel, email: consultant@zooptravel.co.za or call 087 821 9667. It is agreed that
any booking requests that has not been submitted to the aforesaid contact details shall be deemed undelivered.
12) It is recorded that Twilight and the affiliate does not, ostensibly or otherwise act as an agent on behalf of any of the affiliates preferred suppliers.
Consequently, Twilight and the affiliate makes no warranties whatsoever in relation to their prices, rates, discounts, availability or in fact any
services or quality of services provided by them. You hereby indemnify Twilight and the affiliate against any claim, of any nature whatsoever,
which may arise as a result of using the services of any supplier that was introduced to you by Twilight and the affiliate. You hereby indemnify
Twilight and the affiliate against any and all claims that may arise as a result of non-delivery, non-performance, negligence or omission by any
party involved in the provision and service delivery of this voucher.
13) The parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court for the District of Bellville which shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising
out of this voucher, irrespective of the amount involved.
14) Each participating establishment may have additional charges for housekeeping and miscellaneous purchases, and you will be invoiced
15) Only the registered person may cancel a booking. Each preferred supplier has its own cancellation and refund policy, which you agree to read
and understand before paying the booking fee invoiced from our affiliate. You may be held liable for a penalty by the preferred supplier in
terms of their cancellation and refund policy. It is recorded that, in this regard, should you be liable for such a penalty, you will solely be
responsible for the full payment of the penalty and Twilight and the affiliate will not be responsible for the penalty or any contribution in
relation thereto, irrespective of the cause thereof.
16) It is agreed that these terms and conditions shall be the only agreement between the registered holder and Twilight. Further, all verbal
communications and/or agreements and/or representations made prior to the acceptance of these terms and conditions shall be null and void
and superseded by above terms and conditions.